By and large, I like CoverGirl. I also like Taylor Swift. Therefore I was a little bit excited when I saw that she was being spokeswhore for their new NatureLuxe line. So far, the NatureLuxe line isn’t so much of a line as it is two products: foundation and a gloss balm, i.e. tinted chapstick.
Now, honestly, I wasn’t paying that much attention when I bought a tube of the ‘gloss balm’ in Anemone.  It was late(ish) and I may or may not have thought that I was just buying regular lipstick that my girlfriend Taylor Swift endorsed. It’s probably just as well, though. My lips are dry, cracked, splitting, peeling, and just generally ugly loking due to the ridiculously cold weather Texas has been having, and I’m loving that the gloss balm has mango and shea butter to moisturise and SPF 15 to protect. It glides on very smoothly with sheer, but buildable color. The only downside is that the color doesn’t last too long- about half an hour before my lips start feeling dry again. If you don’t mind frequent application, then the gloss balm is pretty great.
The packaging is kind of chintzy feeling, but the stays on well. I like the whole “natural” feel it has due to the soft green, but it would be nice to see the leaf motif repeated on something other than just the lid.  The tube is slim enough to easily fit in the pocket of your jeans, but since mine usually winds up in the bottom of my purse, I kinda wish it was a little more substantial so I could find it more easily.